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Standard VS Fast Plan Sets

Here are the key differences between our two popular products; Standard Plan Set and Fast Roof Plan Set.

Feature / Aspect Standard Plan Set Fast Roof Plan Set
Cover Sheet Included Included
General Notes Included Not Included
Site Plan Included Included
Electrical Plan Included Not Included
Single Line Diagram Included Included
Three Line Diagram Included Included
Tables Included Included
Placards Included Included
Attachment Plan Included Included
Assembly Details Included Included
Datasheets Included Not in title block (as in Standard PlanSet)
Bill of Materials Included Included
Ground Mounts Included (additional costs may apply) Available
Flat Roofs Included Not Available
Title block Included Included
Software AutoCAD Stand Alone
Roof Order Included Not included for single ridge roofs and new construction
Turn-around time 2-3 business days 1-2 business days (1 day if no Roof Order required)
Pricing - Solar only $199 $180 ($155 if Roof Order/EagleView XML provided)
Pricing - Solar + Battery $299 180 ($155 if Roof Order/EagleView XML provided)
Pricing - Battery only (Existing Solar) $299 Not Available
Pricing - Battery only (No Existing Solar) Not Available Not Available
Pricing - Any of the above + Generator Not Available Not Available
BOM adder $20 $20
Additional Notes Ground mounts may cost up to $600 depending on AHJ requirements Only Enphase and Tesla batteries supported at this point

Example Plan Sets

Here are the two example plan sets we offer at SPS; Fast Roof and Stanard:

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