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13 Common PV Design Mistakes

Avoid common solar design mistakes with SolarPlanSets' expert drafting services. Ensure accurate site analysis, compliance, safety, and optimized system performance for a successful solar project.

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    The transition to renewable energy sources is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, solar power has emerged as a powerful player in the energy market. But to successfully leverage the benefits of this green energy source, meticulous planning is paramount. Errors in solar design or installation can lead to costly fixes, or worse, underperforming systems reducing the profit margins for your business.

    This article aims to help solar companies, electricians, and other businesses avoid these common pitfalls by employing solid solar plan sets.

    1. Incorrect Site Analysis

    An in-depth and accurate site analysis is the foundation of a successful solar project. A common mistake in the industry is a hasty or inaccurate site assessment, which can lead to major discrepancies between planned and actual performance.

    SolarPlanSets can help you avoid this mistake. Our expert team carries out precise site analyses, considering factors such as location, solar irradiance, potential shading, roof orientation and tilt, and local regulations. This helps to ensure the solar plan set is tailored to the unique needs and constraints of the site.

    2. Ignoring Local Regulations

    Every jurisdiction has its own unique set of building codes and regulations related to solar installations. Overlooking these can result in costly fines and project delays.

    Avoid this mistake with SolarPlanSets. We maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of the various local codes and regulations across different regions. By incorporating these rules into the plan set, we help ensure your project proceeds smoothly without any regulatory hiccups.

    3. Inadequate Safety Planning

    Solar installations, while generally safe, can pose certain risks if not appropriately planned. Electrical safety, roof integrity, and fire safety are essential considerations.

    Ensure safety with SolarPlanSets. Our plan sets are designed to keep safety at the forefront. We factor in sufficient clearance for fire safety, proper routing of electrical conduits to minimize shock risk, and a roof layout that preserves structural integrity.

    4. Neglecting Energy Storage

    While PV modules are a vital part of any solar installation, an efficient energy storage system is equally important. Mistakes in sizing or placing the energy storage system can lead to wasted power and reduced system efficiency.

    Optimize energy storage with SolarPlanSets. We design storage systems that are perfectly sized for your needs and positioned for maximum efficiency. We also provide comprehensive plan sets for generator systems to ensure reliable backup power.

    5. Insufficient System Sizing

    A frequent mistake in solar installations is either over-sizing or under-sizing the system. Both can lead to less-than-optimal performance and wasted investment.

    Get accurate system sizing with SolarPlanSets. Our expert team uses detailed load analysis and solar production calculations to determine the perfect system size for your needs, ensuring a great return on investment.

    6. Inefficient Module Layout

    The layout of solar modules greatly impacts the system’s energy production. Misalignment or suboptimal tilt can significantly reduce the system’s efficiency.

    Maximize efficiency with SolarPlanSets. Our drafting services include optimal module layout designs, considering factors like shading, tilt angle, and orientation to maximize solar production.

    7. Overlooking System Losses

    Various factors can lead to system losses, including soiling, shading, temperature, and wiring losses. Neglecting these in the plan set can result in significant underperformance.

    Prevent system losses with SolarPlanSets. We consider all potential sources of system loss in our designs and incorporate mitigating strategies to ensure your solar system performs at its peak.

    8. Failing to Plan for Maintenance

    Solar systems require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Failing to consider easy access for maintenance in the design can make this task difficult and potentially more expensive.

    Facilitate maintenance with SolarPlanSets. Our designs consider ease of maintenance, ensuring elements like inverters and junction boxes are easily accessible, leading to simpler and cheaper upkeep.

    9. Not Planning for Future Expansion

    Solar systems should ideally be designed with a future-proof mindset. Failing to do so can lead to difficulties and extra costs when the time for expansion comes.

    Future-proof your solar design with SolarPlanSets. We design with scalability in mind, accommodating future changes in energy needs or advancements in solar technology.

    10. Poor Documentation

    Proper documentation is crucial for easy reference, maintenance, and meeting regulatory requirements. Poor documentation can lead to confusion and non-compliance.

    Ensure thorough documentation with SolarPlanSets. Our drafting services provide comprehensive and accurate documentation, ensuring smooth operations and easy regulatory compliance.

    11. Incomplete Feasibility Study

    An initial feasibility study determines the viability of a solar project, taking into account the technical, legal, and financial aspects. Skipping or overlooking parts of this study can result in unrealistic expectations and potential project failures.

    Avoid this with Avila Solar Drafting Services. They can help you conduct a comprehensive feasibility study that considers all relevant aspects, from site conditions and environmental impact to financial models and legal requirements, to ensure your project is feasible and successful. Please Note: Avila Solar is our parent company.

    12. Overlooking Weather Impacts

    The weather plays a significant role in the efficiency and lifespan of a solar system. Ignoring potential weather impacts such as high wind loads, snow loads, or high temperatures can lead to damage, system failure, or reduced lifespan.

    Stay weather-aware with SolarPlanSets. Our designs take into account the local climate and weather conditions. This ensures that your solar system is robust and resilient, ready to withstand adverse weather while maintaining optimal performance.

    13. Choosing the Wrong Components

    The choice of solar components can significantly impact the efficiency and longevity of the system. Selecting low-quality or incompatible components can result in system inefficiencies and frequent breakdowns.

    Make the right choice with SolarPlanSets. We help you select high-quality, reliable components that are compatible with each other and tailored to your specific needs. This ensures smooth operation and a longer lifespan for your solar system.

    The SolarPlanSets Advantage

    Choosing SolarPlanSets for your solar drafting needs offers numerous advantages. It’s cheaper, as we provide a comprehensive service that eliminates the need for multiple consultants. It’s easier to manage, as we handle all aspects of the drafting process, leaving you free to focus on other areas of your project. Our services are less prone to errors, as they are conducted by experts with years of experience in the industry. Plus, our services are scalable, allowing you to adjust the scope of our engagement to match your project size.

    Our Drafting Services

    Our solar drafting services are more tuned for residential projects that are less complex. If you have a more complex project that doesn’t fit one of our below services, feel free to contact support for assistance or head over to Avila Solar; they can handle larger scale and higher complexity projects

    PV Plan Set

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    Our PV Plan Set service, priced at $169, provides a comprehensive plan set for the installation of solar panels (without battery backup). The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Please note that Permit and Certification fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    PV Plan Set + Battery Backup

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    For $299, our PV Plan Set with Battery service offers a detailed plan set for the installation of solar panels with a battery backup. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Permit and Certification fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    Generator Plan Set

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    Our Generator Plan Set service, also priced at $299, provides a plan set for the installation of a generator. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Permit and Engineering Certifications fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    What’s Not Included

    Please note that our services do not include load calculations, structural or electrical engineering, or phone support. The expedited fee is also not applicable for projects involving energy storage or generators. If you require additional services or have a custom project, we recommend visiting Avila Solar Drafting Services for more options.


    What are Solar Plan Sets?

    Solar plan sets are comprehensive documents that outline all aspects of a solar project, from site analysis and system design to safety measures and local code compliance.

    Why should I use SolarPlanSets for drafting services?

    SolarPlanSets provides expert services in solar plan sets, energy storage, and generator plan sets. Our comprehensive approach ensures accuracy, compliance, and scalability, making us a one-stop solution for your solar drafting needs.

    Is outsourcing solar drafting services cost-effective?

    Yes, outsourcing solar drafting services to SolarPlanSets can be very cost-effective. It eliminates the need for multiple consultants, reduces errors, and makes project management easier.

    *Read More: Solar Drafting for PV Installers*

    How do you ensure quality in their solar drafting services?

    SolarPlanSets ensures quality by employing experienced professionals, using up-to-date information, and conducting thorough checks at every stage of the drafting process.

    Can your service handle large-scale solar projects?

    Absolutely. SolarPlanSets’ services are scalable, making them suitable for solar projects of all sizes, from small residential installations to large-scale commercial projects. Please contact us for a large project.


    In the fast-paced solar industry, every detail matters. At SolarPlanSets, we strive to provide our clients with the most accurate, cost-effective, and scalable solar drafting solutions. By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above, we ensure smoother project execution, better system performance, and higher return on investment for you. Trust SolarPlanSets to make your journey toward sustainable solar energy a resounding success.

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