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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Solar Drafting Needs

Partner with us for expert solar drafting solutions, ensuring efficient installations and sustainable energy success. Learn more today!

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    Solar energy, a renewable and sustainable source, has been making significant headway in recent years. The complex and detailed task of drafting solar panel designs, however, can pose a challenge. Enter SolarPlanSets, your partner for all your solar drafting needs.

    Why Solar Drafting is Critical

    Solar drafting is a crucial step in any solar installation project. It lays down the roadmap for the entire installation process and ensures the system performs optimally.

    The solar energy industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. As such, having the expertise to design and draft solar installation plans is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Solar drafting encompasses a myriad of elements, from choosing the right equipment to positioning the panels for maximum energy yield.

    Outsourcing these tasks to SolarPlanSets offers several advantages:

    1. Expertise and experience: We bring years of experience and extensive knowledge in drafting solar PV, PV + Battery, and Generator Plan Sets.
    2. Save time and resources: Our team handles the drafting process, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
    3. Quality assurance: We provide detailed and accurate plans that meet the highest industry standards.

    By entrusting your solar drafting needs to SolarPlanSets, you leverage our expertise and ensure a smooth and successful installation.

    Our Process: Streamlined and Effective

    At SolarPlanSets, we follow a streamlined process that ensures your project runs smoothly from start to finish:

    • Initial Consultation: This is where we understand your project scope and specific needs. This dialogue allows us to customize our services to fit your requirements perfectly.
    • Plan Drafting: With the information provided, our experienced drafters start working on your initial solar plan set, ensuring precision and adherence to all necessary standards.
    • Review: Once the draft is complete, it’s over to you for review. This stage allows you to provide feedback, ensuring the plan aligns with your vision.
    • Revisions: We believe in getting it right, which is why we offer unlimited changes for up to six months. This ensures that the final plan set perfectly matches your expectations.
    • Final Approval: After you’re completely satisfied with our work, you can approve the final plan for submission to the relevant authorities.

    This process reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding service at every stage of your solar project.

    Connect Directly with our Expert Team

    As part of our solar plan set service, you gain direct access to our professional design and drafting team through email. We assign a dedicated drafter to your project who will guide you every step of the way and offer unlimited changes for up to six months.

    What’s Included in the PV Plan Set?

    Your PV Plan Set comes complete with:

    • G-1 Cover Sheet
    • PV-1 Site Plan
    • PV-2 Electrical Plan
    • PV-3 Solar Attachment Plan
    • PV-4 Line Diagram
    • PV-5 Design Tables
    • PV-6 Placards
    • PV-7-X Resource Sheets

    Benefits of Outsourcing Solar Drafting

    In this fast-paced, competitive industry, outsourcing your solar drafting needs could be a game-changer. Let’s delve into some compelling reasons why SolarPlanSets should be your go-to choice.

    Detailed Knowledge and Expertise

    Solar panel installations require precise knowledge and technical skills. Our team of experienced drafters and designers has the expertise needed to handle these complex tasks.

    • Skilled in drafting solar PV, PV + Battery, and Generator Plan Sets
    • Understanding of intricate design details
    • Knowledge of the latest industry trends and standards

    Outsourcing to your work to us not only ensures quality work but also gives you access to top industry knowledge and expertise.

    Time and Resource Efficiency

    Efficient use of time and resources is crucial for any business. By outsourcing your solar drafting needs to us, you’ll enjoy:

    • Significant time savings as we handle all drafting tasks
    • More resources available to focus on other vital business aspects
    • Reduced overhead costs as there’s no need to hire a full-time drafter

    Choosing our solar drafters as your solar drafting partner allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, while we take care of the drafting process.

    Customized Solutions

    We understand that every project is unique. We pride ourselves in offering:

    • Tailored drafting solutions that fit your specific needs
    • Regular updates and transparency throughout the process
    • Flexibility to accommodate changes or revisions

    Partnering with us means gaining a personalized service that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

    Quality Assurance and Compliance

    Quality and compliance are paramount in the solar industry. With us, you can rest assured knowing:

    • We adhere strictly to all industry regulations and standards
    • Our drafts undergo rigorous quality checks before delivery
    • We ensure all plans comply with local and national codes

    SolarPlanSets is dedicated to providing you with compliant, high-quality solar drafting solutions, instilling peace of mind and guaranteeing the success of your projects.

    Why SolarPlanSets?

    We have explored the numerous benefits of outsourcing your solar drafting needs. The question remains: why choose us over the competition?

    Industry-Leading Expertise

    With SolarPlanSets, you are partnering with a team that has a deep understanding of solar drafting. We have:

    • Years of experience in the solar industry
    • A team of professional, highly skilled drafters and designers
    • Expertise in a variety of solar technologies, including solar PV, PV + Battery, and Generator Plan Sets

    Choosing SolarPlanSets means choosing industry-leading expertise and a commitment to excellence.

    Tailored Service

    We offer personalized solar drafting services tailored to your specific needs. We provide:

    • A dedicated team to handle your projects
    • A flexible approach that caters to your unique requirements
    • Clear and constant communication throughout the drafting process

    By choosing to delegate your plan sets to us, you’re ensuring a custom-tailored service that aligns with your business goals.

    Quality and Compliance

    We are committed to delivering quality while ensuring compliance with all industry standards. Our commitment means:

    • Comprehensive quality checks for each draft
    • Adherence to all local and national codes
    • Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and standards

    With our designers, you’re not just outsourcing your solar drafting needs – you’re securing a partner that guarantees quality and compliance at every step of the drafting process.


    Outsourcing your solar drafting needs can provide your business with a competitive edge, save valuable time and resources, and ensure the delivery of top-notch, compliant solar designs. With a dedicated and experienced team, we offer unrivaled expertise in solar drafting, ensuring your projects are carried out efficiently and effectively.

    With our services, you can focus on what you do best – installing solar systems, while we handle the rest. With us, your solar drafting needs are in good hands.

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