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Custom Solar Solutions for Any Project

Explore custom solar solutions with Solar Plansets LLC for efficient, compliant off-grid systems tailored to your home's unique needs, ensuring energy independence across diverse landscapes

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    Personalized Solar Plan Sets for Every Need

    Welcome to Solar Plansets LLC (SPS), where your dream of energy independence becomes a reality. Our expert drafters specialize in custom solar solutions, meticulously crafting each plan set to meet your project’s unique needs. 

    Whether you’re in sunny Florida or bustling Chicago, we ensure your off-grid solar system is efficient, compliant, and perfectly suited to your home. Embrace a sustainable future with our personalized, top-quality drafting services, tailored for homeowners and installers alike, across diverse landscapes.

    Tailored Off-Grid Solar Systems for Every Home

    For homeowners dreaming of energy independence, an off-grid solar system is an exciting prospect. Our professional solar drafters take the information you provide – your energy usage, property specifics, and unique requirements – and craft a custom solar solution. This personalized approach guarantees that your solar system is not only efficient but perfectly suited to your home’s needs.

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    Customized Solar Plan Sets

    We understand that every solar project is unique. Whether you’re a homeowner or a solar installer, our Standard Plan Sets, starting at just $99, are created based on the details you provide. This customization ensures that the solar setup aligns with individual preferences, site conditions, and energy goals, making the installation process smooth and efficient.

    Expert Drafting Services

    Our solar drafting services, available in key areas like Chicago, Florida, San Diego, Washington State, and Texas, are designed to cater to the specifics of each location. By taking into account your provided details and local regulations, our expert drafters develop a plan that maximizes solar efficiency while ensuring compliance, thereby streamlining the installation process.

    Fast Roof Plan Sets Designed to Your Specifications

    Need a quick solution? Our Fast Roof Plan Sets, starting at $180, are developed rapidly based on the information you provide and our AI-powered to improve accuracy and speed of service. This service is perfect for homeowners eager to transition quickly to solar power and solar installers working under tight deadlines, without compromising on the personalization and quality of the final plan.

    Standard Vs. Fast Roof

    Whether to opt for our Standard or Fast Roof plan sets will depend on your individual needs and timeline. Our comparison guide, based on the specific details you provide, helps in making an informed choice that best suits your project’s requirements, ensuring a customized solution that aligns with your objectives.

    Specialized Plan Sets for Diverse Energy Needs

    Our Generator and EV Charger Plan Sets, priced at $299 and $199 respectively, are also tailored to the unique details of your project. Whether you require a backup power solution or an EV charging integration, our drafters develop specific plans to cater to these needs, ensuring seamless and efficient solar system integration.

    Engineering Stamps for Customized Compliance

    Recognizing the importance of adhering to local regulations, we offer Engineering Stamps starting at $99. These stamps are not just a formality; they represent a thorough review and approval of a solar system design that has been custom-developed based on your provided specifics, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

    Commercial Plan Sets for Larger Scale Projects

    For solar installation companies handling larger projects, our Commercial Plan Sets, starting at $350, are developed with your project details in mind. These plans are crafted to address the complex demands of commercial installations, considering your clients’ specific energy needs, site characteristics, and regulatory landscape.

    Have a Complex Project? Hire Us for a Custom Solar Solution

    At Solar Plansets LLC, we bridge the gap between your solar aspirations and a successfully implemented off-grid solar system. Our professional drafters are committed to developing a plan set that perfectly matches the details you provide, whether you are a homeowner seeking energy independence or a solar installation company aiming for efficient project completion. 

    Let us help you harness the power of the sun with a personalized, efficient, and compliant custom solar solution.

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