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Streamline your DIY solar project with SolarPlanSets, providing precise plan sets and expert guidance to save time, ensure accuracy, and make your renewable energy journey easier.

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    As homeowners become increasingly aware of their ecological footprint, solar energy is becoming a popular solution. Opting to install solar solutions yourself is an exciting, rewarding endeavor. But navigating the permitting process can be daunting. SolarPlanSets, a DIY solar company, helps homeowners streamline this process by providing precise solar plan sets. Our designers and engineers are dedicated to ensuring that homeowners save valuable time at the permit office.

    Battery and Generator Plan Sets

    We are not limited to solar-only systems alone. Recognizing the growing interest in comprehensive energy solutions, we also offer plan sets for solar-plus-battery and generator projects. Our meticulous planning approach ensures your entire energy system, from solar panels to backup power sources, is well-integrated and efficiently designed.

    Why Choose Us Instead of Going Alone

    Solar energy projects can be complex. They involve considerations about utility-scale, solar systems, solar installation, and renewable energy. SolarPlanSets, a leading solar design company, transforms these complexities into an easy-to-follow roadmap, allowing DIY enthusiasts to focus on the hands-on aspects of their solar projects.

    As a solar engineering company, we specialize in creating comprehensive plan sets for your DIY solar installation, be it residential solar, commercial solar, or even a solar kit. Here’s what you can expect:

    • A detailed, accurate plan set designed by experienced solar engineers
    • Less time spent at the permit office, expediting your solar project
    • A cost-effective solution that gives you control over your solar energy installation
    • A clear understanding of your project’s potential for renewable energy generation

    Investing just $169 to $299 in a solar design company helps you leverage professional expertise for your DIY solar project. Our goal is to help you transition smoothly into the solar industry.

    Our Drafting Services

    Our solar drafting services are more tuned for residential projects that are less complex. If you have a more complex project that doesn’t fit one of our below services, feel free to contact support for assistance or head over to Avila Solar; they can handle larger scale and higher complexity projects

    PV Plan Set

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    Our PV Plan Set service, priced at $169, provides a comprehensive plan set for the installation of solar panels (without battery backup). The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Please note that Permit and Certification fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    PV Plan Set + Battery Backup

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    For $299, our PV Plan Set with Battery service offers a detailed plan set for the installation of solar panels with a battery backup. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Permit and Certification fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    Generator Plan Set

    (Regular – 2 business days)

    Our Generator Plan Set service, also priced at $299, provides a plan set for the installation of a generator. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements and includes a Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, and Labels. Permit and Engineering Certifications fees are not included. Order | Learn More

    What’s Not Included

    Please note that our services do not include load calculations, structural or electrical engineering, or phone support. The expedited fee is also not applicable for projects involving energy storage or generators. If you require additional services or have a custom project, we recommend visiting Avila Solar Drafting Services for more options.

    This is NOT Your Final Application

    Embarking on a DIY solar project means navigating through various applications and permits. But SolarPlanSets does not offer a one-size-fits-all application. Rather, we focus on providing a crucial part of your overall application – the Photovoltaic (PV) Plan Set.

    The PV Plan Set is a comprehensive document illustrating the complex technical aspects of your solar system. As a leading solar engineering company, our expertise enables us to develop an accurate, detailed PV Plan Set error-free. This document encompasses:

    • Intricate electrical wiring diagrams
    • Specific structural mounting instructions
    • Calculations related to the system’s capacity and efficiency
    • Safety features and compliance indicators

    These elements make the PV Plan Set an integral part of your total permit and utility application. It provides assurance to regulatory bodies and utility companies regarding your system’s safety and compliance.

    However, remember that this document is more than an application. It is a detailed roadmap guiding you to build a successful solar energy system. SolarPlanSets, therefore, equips DIY solar enthusiasts with a technical foundation for their project, saving time, facilitating precision, and making the path to renewable energy clearer.

    You will still need to submit applications to the right authority holding jurisdictions, which typically are your local building office, electrical office, and the local electric utility. Hiring a local solar panel company can really help with this.

    Your Solar Project Partner

    Embarking on a DIY solar project can be challenging. But with SolarPlanSets, you can be confident in your journey toward a greener future. Our plan sets are not just documents but guides that empower you to create your own source of renewable energy.

    As your partner, we’re committed to providing you with the best solar engineering services. With SolarPlanSets, you can take control of your solar project, knowing that your plans are grounded in professional expertise. Be it a solar kit for your backyard or a utility-scale solar system, our plan sets help you navigate the complexities with ease.

    Solar DIY Company FAQ

    Here are a few general questions we get asked the most often. If you don’t see your question asked, please feel free to contact support for assistance.

    1. What is a DIY solar company?

    A DIY solar company, like SolarPlanSets, offers comprehensive plan sets to homeowners wanting to install solar projects on their own without the help of a local solar installer. These plan sets include intricate details about wiring, mounting instructions, and system capacity calculations, which are essential components of your permit and utility application.

    1. Do I still need to go to the permit office if I use a DIY solar company?

    Yes, using a DIY solar company does not negate the need to submit your permit application at the local office. While we provide you with a comprehensive PV Plan Set, you’ll still need to handle the actual permit application process. This involves submitting the plan set along with any additional required documents to your local permit office.

    1. What about dealing with the utility company for my solar project?

    Similar to the permit process, you’ll need to coordinate with your local utility company for the interconnection of your new solar system to the grid. This can be a complex process requiring specific documentation and approval.

    1. Can I hire a local solar provider to handle these processes for me?

    Absolutely. While a DIY solar company provides you with the technical foundation for your project, a local solar provider can help you navigate the permit application and utility interconnection processes. They handle most of the legwork on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the actual installation. At the end of the process, they essentially hand you the “keys” to your new solar electric system, with the hard administrative work taken care of.

    Please Note: If you decide to hire a local solar installer, they may not need our services. However, we do suggest you recommend SolarPlanSets to them. We may be able to help reduce their costs, which hopefully they pass on to you.

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