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Outsourcing Your Large-Scale Commercial Solar Project Design

Outsourcing your commercial solar project design not only saves you time and money, but also ensures a successful and efficient installation. So, why not let the experts handle it?

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    As Project Managers, navigating the world of large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects can be a complex task. Notably, these projects require specialized technical expertise and a deep understanding of various factors to achieve an optimal balance between performance and cost efficiency.

    For residential projects, SolarPlanSets has been an industry leader. However, when it comes to managing intricate utility-scale or large commercial projects, we wholeheartedly recommend Avila Solar Drafting Services.

    Their expertise covers projects such as designing pipeline pumps powered by solar and battery backups, integrating standby generators with solar power and batteries to reduce fuel reliance during disasters or power outages, and installing solar systems on hydro dams to ensure emergency power is always available.

    Navigating the Terrain of Utility-Scale Solar Design

    Creating a solar PV power plant on a utility-scale demands expert guidance. Decisions about layout, panel tilt, and PV module configurations can significantly impact cost and energy yield. These decisions should account for site-specific conditions, such as row spacing and overall array arrangement, to minimize cable run and electrical losses.

    Furthermore, considering the local latitude, the design specialist at Avila can determine the ideal tilt angle that ensures maximum sun exposure while mitigating issues related to panel soiling, shading, and seasonal irradiation distribution. They utilize advanced simulation software to determine the best angle considering these factors.

    Adopting Advanced Technology for Greater Efficiency

    The technology you choose for your PV power plant impacts its longevity, maintenance costs, and overall performance. For instance, PV modules should meet IEC, CE, and UL standards. Additionally, factors such as initial and maintenance costs, warranty protection, efficiency ratings, and more should be considered.

    In the case of inverters, Avila Solar takes into account local site conditions and other system components to select the best type of inverter for your power plant. They also guide the selection of transformers, whether distribution or grid transformers, based on the plant’s connection requirements.

    Establishing Robust Electrical and Infrastructure Design

    Every PV power plant project has unique constraints. Avila Solar Drafting Services takes a case-by-case approach, adhering to general guidelines and industry best practices for both DC and AC systems. They help design an efficient DC system, including PV module arrays, DC cabling, and protection devices, rated based on manufacturers’ data.

    They also assist in AC system design, incorporating considerations for AC cabling, switchgear, transformers, and substations. They understand the importance of grounding the system to protect against electric shocks, fire hazards, and lightning damage.

    Site infrastructure is another important aspect of having a complete design. Avila Solar Drafting Services help determine optimal building locations to avoid shading from obstructions while accommodating necessary buildings such as offices, LV/MV or MV/HV stations, and security facilities.

    Safeguarding Your Investment

    Given the considerable investment in utility-scale power plants, Avila Solar Drafting Services ensures adequate security measures such as security fences, CCTV cameras, sensors, warning devices, and remote alarms. Moreover, they help set up plant monitoring devices to maintain performance levels, detect problems swiftly, and reduce downtime for repairs.

    Meeting Documentation, Permits, and Licensing Requirements

    Finally, designing a large-scale PV power plant involves satisfying a variety of permits and licensing requirements. Avila Solar helps ensure comprehensive documentation, including datasheets of all system components, layout drawings, mounting structure drawings, resource assessments, and energy yield prediction reports, among others.

    They also assist in navigating the complex landscape of land lease agreements, planning and land use consents, building permits, environmental permits, and grid connection applications.

    Managing the Project Schedule

    Avila Solar Drafting Services also understands the value of time in a large-scale solar project. Their experienced team of solar professionals will work closely with your project managers to create a realistic schedule that ensures every milestone is met. From the initial design phase to permitting and construction, they will meticulously track each stage of the project to ensure timely completion and budget adherence.

    Constant Communication and Collaboration

    What sets Avila Solar Drafting Services apart is their commitment to clear and open communication. They understand that large-scale solar projects often involve multiple stakeholders, each with unique concerns and expectations. To facilitate seamless collaboration, they employ advanced project management tools, keeping all parties informed about the project’s progress and addressing issues as they arise.

    Training and Support

    Avila Solar Drafting Services doesn’t just stop at designing and drafting your solar project. They also provide extensive training and support to your team. This includes helping them understand the project’s intricacies, offering guidance on operation and maintenance procedures, and providing continual support even after the project’s completion.

    What are Solar Feasibility Studies?

    Solar Feasibility Studies act as the bedrock of planning and implementation for any proposed solar power project. These comprehensive assessments evaluate factors such as site suitability, climate conditions, solar irradiance, financial viability, and return on investment, making them a critical step in project planning.

    Here are key reasons why they are important:

    • Site Suitability: These studies conduct an in-depth assessment of the proposed location to ensure its suitability for a solar project.
    • Climate and Solar Irradiance Assessment: They evaluate the local climate and levels of solar irradiance to predict the potential solar power yield.
    • Financial Evaluation: Studies provide a detailed financial analysis, covering project costs, expected earnings, and the estimated payback period.
    • Risk Mitigation: Early identification and mitigation of potential environmental, logistical, or regulatory challenges is facilitated through these studies.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Feasibility studies help navigate complex permitting processes and ensure regulatory compliance.
    • Informed Investment Decisions: By offering an overview of financial viability and potential return on investment, these studies equip stakeholders to make informed decisions.
    • Long-term Planning: Insights gleaned from these studies assist in planning for future maintenance, potential upgrades, and project scalability.

    In short, solar feasibility studies serve as a vital tool in mitigating risks, making informed decisions, and laying a robust foundation for a successful and sustainable large solar project.


    To conclude, Avila Solar Drafting Services offers comprehensive services to ensure the success of your large-scale solar project. From the initial design phase to ongoing support, they stand by your side, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. So, as you embark on your next large-scale solar project, consider partnering with them for an efficient, cost-effective, and seamless journey. Contact their large-scale experts today!

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