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Electric Vehicle Charger Plan Sets

Get the accuracy and efficiency you need with our Electric Vehicle Charger Plan Sets, designed to save time and money in residential and commercial installations.

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    Electric Vehicle Charger Plan Set Sheet A-102

    EV Charger Plan Sets Starting at $199

    In the world of renewable energy and sustainable living, integrating electric vehicle (EV) chargers into residential homes and commercial buildings is becoming increasingly vital. As an electrician or solar installer, offering our electric vehicle charger plan set design services not only enhances your portfolio but also provides a value-added service to your clients. 

    However, the process can be complex, requiring precise planning and execution. That’s where our Electric Vehicle Chargers Plan Sets step in, offering accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

    Why Choose Our Electric Vehicle Charger Plan Sets

    Our comprehensive plan sets for EV charger installations are designed with precision and detail, catering to both residential and commercial needs. They include wiring schematics, conductor and conduit sizing, and overcurrent protective device sizing. This meticulous approach ensures that your installation is not only efficient but also compliant with all necessary regulations.

    Accurate Design in EV Charger Installations

    EV chargers draw significant current and may necessitate electrical upgrades. AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) often require detailed load calculations to ensure the electrical service or gear rating is not exceeded. Our EV charger plan sets addresses these needs by offering the option to include NEC 220.82 optional feeder and service load calculations for residential setups and NEC 220.87 for commercial projects.

    Professional Oversight for Compliance and Safety

    Depending on the requirements of the AHJ, a Master Electrician can sign off on the calculations. Alternatively, for added assurance and compliance, our electrical PE (Professional Engineer) partner can provide a PE stamp, especially crucial for commercial projects. This level of professional oversight guarantees that your installation adheres to the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

    Efficient Turnaround Time

    We understand that time is of the essence in any project. Our turnaround times are tailored to meet the demands of both residential and commercial projects, with residential plans being ready in just 2 business days and commercial plans within 2-5 business days, depending on the complexity and number of chargers.

    Flexible Changes Policy

    Changes in plans are inevitable in the dynamic field of EV charger installation. Our policy accommodates changes by the engineer, AHJ, and utility at no additional cost. For projects older than 6 months, a nominal fee is charged for modifications, ensuring that your project remains up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards and requirements.

    After 6 Months: Changes for orders will be charged $60 for residential projects and $175 for commercial projects.

    Your Pathway to Hassle-Free EV Charger Installations

    Our EV Charger Plan Sets are not just about technical specifications; they are about providing a streamlined, hassle-free path to successful installations. They save you time, headaches, and money, translating to enhanced efficiency and profitability for your business.

    EV Charger Plan Set Sheet A-103

    FAQs About Our EV Charger Plan Sets

    Here are the top most asked questions our designers get asked about our EV charger plan sets. If you don’t see your question answered, do feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!

    How does our solar plan set for EV charger installations benefit electricians and solar installers?

    Our solar plan sets for EV charger installations provide detailed, compliant designs, saving electricians and installers time and ensuring hassle-free, efficient installations.

    What are the key components included in our EV charger solar plan sets?

    The key components of our EV charger solar plan sets include wiring schematics, conductor and conduit sizing, overcurrent protective device sizing, and optional NEC load calculations.

    Why is accurate design crucial in EV charger installations?

    Accurate design in EV charger installations is vital for ensuring safety, compliance with electrical standards, and preventing overloading of the electrical system.

    What professional oversight is provided for compliance and safety in our plan sets?

    Professional oversight in our plan sets includes review and approval by a Master Electrician or a PE stamp from our electrical PE engineer partner, ensuring compliance and safety.

    What is the turnaround time for residential and commercial EV charger plan sets?

    The turnaround time for our plan sets is 2 business days for residential projects and 2-5 business days for commercial projects, depending on the complexity and number of chargers.

    How does our change policy work for EV charger plan sets?

    Our changes policy allows for modifications by the engineer, AHJ, and utility at no extra cost. Changes for orders older than 6 months incur a nominal fee. After 6 months charges for orders will be charged $60 for residential projects and $175 for commercial projects.

    Order Today Your EV Charger Plan Set Today!

    Our Electric Vehicle Chargers Solar Plan Sets offer a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solution for electricians and solar installers. By choosing our plan sets, you ensure accuracy, compliance, and a streamlined process for your EV charger installation projects, whether residential or commercial. Embrace the future of sustainable energy with confidence and efficiency.

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