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Standard PV Solar Plan Sets

Get the comprehensive SPS Plan Set for solar panel and energy storage installations, ensuring compliance and offering optional engineering certifications.

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    Standard Solar Plan Set G-1

    Standard Solar Plan Sets (Including Energy Storage)

    SPS is proud to offer an all-encompassing Plan Set for solar panel and energy storage installation. Designed to meet the highest standards, this package ensures compliance with all state, local, and utility requirements, providing a seamless and efficient path to greener energy solutions.

    Plan Set Components

    1. Cover Sheet – A comprehensive introduction to your project.
    2. Site Plan – Detailed layout of the installation site.
    3. Roof Framing Plan – Specifies the structure of the roof to ensure safe and effective panel placement.
    4. Electrical Plan – An in-depth guide for electrical connections and configurations.
    5. Single Line Diagram – A simplified representation of your electrical system for easy understanding.
    6. Labels – Necessary labeling for equipment and installation areas for clarity and safety.

    Additional Services

    For those requiring engineering certifications, we offer the option to add structural and/or electrical certifications to your cart. This service is tailored to those who need an extra layer of assurance and compliance.

    Efficient Turnaround Time

    • Design Phase: Receive your initial plan within 2-3 business days.
    • Structural Stamp: Acquire the structural stamp just 1 business day after design approval.
    • Electrical Stamp: Obtain the electrical stamp 1 business day following design approval.

    Flexible Changes Policy

    We understand the dynamic nature of such projects. Hence, changes requested by engineers, AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), and utility companies are included in the service. For changes to orders older than 6 months, a nominal fee of $60 per project will be applied.

    Example Plan Set

    Explore our gallery of example plan set photos to see the precision and detail that goes into every SPS project. Get a visual insight into our high-quality designs and how they can be integrated into your unique space. View on our Dropbox here.

    Standard vs Fast Roof Plan Sets

    We also offer a Fast Roof Plan Set that is more affordable. Here are the key differences.

    Feature / AspectStandard Plan SetFast Roof Plan Set
    Roof Order InclusionNot IncludedExcluded for single ridge roofs and new constructions
    Turn-around Time2-3 business days1-2 business days (1 day if no Roof Order required)
    Pricing– Solar only: $199 – Solar + Battery: $299 – Battery only (Existing Solar): $299– Regular: $180 – With Roof Order/EagleView XML: $155
    Line DiagramIncludedIncluded
    Flat RoofsYesNo
    General NotesIncludedNot Included
    Datasheets in Title BlockIncludedNot Included
    Document Format and SoftwareB Size 11×17, AutoCADB Size 11×17, Stand Alone
    Additional Costs for Ground MountsIncludedNot Included
    See the full comparison between the two here.

    Example Plan Sets

    Here are the two example plan sets we offer at SPS; Fast Roof and Stanard:

    Streamlined Services

    Choose the SPS Solar Panel and Energy Storage Plan Set today. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a streamlined and compliant path to renewable energy installation.

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